About us

Canon Street Church is a Pentecostal Church in fellowship with Assemblies of God (AOG).

We believe that Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead in order that all people should have the opportunity of having a relationship with God in which they know his love, his forgiveness, his peace, his joy and the hope of eternal life.  We also believe in the power of the Holy Spirit who is able to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.

There are no super heroes at Canon Street. We're just ordinary people who seek to encourage each other as we get to know Jesus and seek to make him known.
We are made up of young people and old people; single people, married people and divorced people; smart people and scruffy people; people from many nations and people who have lived in Taunton all their lives; people who've grown up in Christian families and people who didn't have a family at all; people who have been Christians for decades and people who are just beginning to explore what it's all about.
We don't just do church on Sundays, we also meet at other times during the week and sometimes we simply go out and have fun together.

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Although we are an AOG church, we recognise that we are part of the one Church of Christ in the world and we work together with other congregations in the town whenever possible, and particularly through the B1 group of churches.

We maintain our global links through partnerships with individuals, churches and organisations working in many countries of the world including Cambodia, South Africa, Zambia, Bolivia, Macau and India.


The leadership of Canon Street consists of an eldership team that is headed up by our minister Simeon Cracknell.
He has a beautiful wife, so we could have got them into a studio and done the stereotypical church leader photo, but the picture below is probably more representative.

Sim can be contacted:
In the church office: 01823 327107

At Home:01823 325935
By mobile phone: 07530573157
By email: simeon@canonstreet.churchTwitter